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Welcome to Solitary-Pagan.net

This is an educational site two primary goals: (1) to provide information for those who are exploring Paganism, and particularly Wicca and Witchcraft, and (2) to serve as a catalyst in the spiritual development of those who practice alone.  As a university professor I confess that I can’t help myself — I’m an organizer and facilitator at heart.  I have merged my passion for teaching with my passion for Paganism, thus giving birth to Solitary-Pagan.net over 5 years ago.  This site is a mixture of information, thought-provoking questions, and topics for further consideration.  You’ll also find an extensive list of book and website recommendations.

Are you new to Paganism? Wicca and Witchcraft? You may want to start with Neo-Paganism or What Paganism is Not.

Are you new to the idea of a solitary practice?  Find out more in the Terminology & Pagan Paths section. 

Are you wondering how Solitary-Pagan.net is different from other Pagan websites?  Find out here.

The other sections provide tools for Pagan studies.  The Scholarship section explores the various sciences that influence Pagan thought, such as Environmental Science and Psychology.  The Arts section is focused on the artistic, creative endeavors of Paganism, such as ritual design and holiday celebrations.  The Passions section targets lifestyle issues, such as activism, healing arts, and parenting concerns.  The Spirituality section explores the spiritual practices and beliefs found in Paganism. 

I hope you return here often.  In order to save you some time I will keep news, changes, and updates current on the Website Updates page (which is also listed in the menu above).  Above all, I hope you find this site useful in your spiritual development.

“We believe that the world’s need for Witchcraft’s wisdom is great, and possibly you will find that you can come to it as we did.  It was always there, like the neglected herbs that keep springing anew in the cracked concrete of a city sidewalk.”
 Chas Clifton, from Witchcraft Today

Blessed Be,

February, 2007

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