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The Element of Earth

Throughout my Pagan spiritual development I have looked to the four elements as symbolic and powerful markers of important concepts.  This section, Scholarship, reflects the element of Earth with its practical focus on our needs in the day-to-day world.  The Earth provides the resources from which we can find or make food, medicine, shelter, govern ourselves, and study our ancestors.

My experience, consistent with scholarly findings, has been that Pagans are an educated, reading, researching, questioning group of individuals who insist on integrating scientific findings into their spiritual understandings.  The topics in this section of reflect the scientific and academic roots of Paganism.  Perhaps you can challenge yourself to pick an area to investigate for moon cycle or a seasonal cycle.

As you work through these sections remember that while many Pagans would agree that the topics raised here are important, perhaps even critical, you will find varying opinions regarding the best approaches to these issues.  It is your responsibility as a conscientious Pagan to be informed and to choose your best course of action. 

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